Top Tollywood movies 2023 | Best Bengali movies

In 2023, there is a huge boom in the Bengali movie industry. There are so many Bengali movies that have been released; however, not all of them are exciting.

If you are looking for the best Bengali movies of 2023, then you are at the right place because- here we have prepared a list of top 15 Tollywood movies that impressed not just the audience but also the critics.

1) Bagha Jatin

ActorsDeepak Adhikari (Dev), Sreeja Dutta, Sudipta Chakraborty, Samiul Alam, Rohaan Bhattacharjee

Director: Arun Roy

About the movie: ‘Bagha Jatin’ is a biographical action film which is based on Bagha Jatin, a freedom fighter who fought for the independence of India in the early 20th century. Dev’s acting and storyline are the driving force for the success of this film.

Rating: 5.6

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2) Manush: Child of Destiny

ActorsJeet, Bidya Sinha, Susmita Chatterjee

Director: Sanjoy Somadder

About the movie: Arjun (played by Jeet) is a middle class honest police officer whereas his enemy Mannan (played by Jeetu Kamal) is a notorious drug dealer. However, circumstances slowly change Arjun into an inhuman man whereas Mannan leaves the underworld. Will they succeed in winning the game of survival and fighting the battle of destiny?

The music of the film is composed by Aneek DharSavvy, and Ahmmed Humayun. The movie got released in Bengali and Hindi.

Rating: 7.8

3) Jongole Mitin Mashi

Actors: Koel Mallick, Subhrojeet Dutta, Lekha Chatterjee, Asim Roychowdhury, Kamalika Banerjee

DirectorArindam Sil

About the movie: ‘Jongole Mitin Mashi’ features Koel Mallick in the lead role. This movie is the sequel of ‘Mitin Mashi'(2019). Mitin takes on animal poachers in this thriller movie. Arindam Sil’s direction and Koel Mallick’s acting are simply too good.

Rating: 3.5

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4) Pradhan

ActorsDev Adhikari, Paran Banerjee, Soumitrisha Kundu

Director: Avijit Sen

About the movie: In this movie, Dev is playing the role of a cop for the first time, and the name of his character is Deepak Pradhan who is transferred to the North Bengal where he faces lots of corruption even within his department. How he overcomes the challenges in his professional life as well as in his personal life- is the story of ‘Pradhan’. The performance of Dev and Paran Banerjee is absolutely steller.

Rating: 9.1

5) Raktabeej

ActorsAbir ChatterjeeMimi Chakraborty, Victor Banerjee, Anashua Majumdar

Directors: Nandita Roy, Shiboprosad Mukherjee

About the movie: The homecoming of a man, who is occupying an important position, and how an accidental blast in a firecracker depot uncovers a conspiracy. This movie is about this sinister conspiracy. Abir Chatterjee’s acting in this movie is extraordinary.

Rating: 9.1

6) Dawshom Awbotaar

ActorsProsenjit Chatterjee, Anirban Bhattacharya, Jisshu Sengupta, Jaya Ahsan 

DirectorSrijit Mukherji

About the movie: This movie is about a serial killer who is terrorizing the city of Kolkata in the early 2000s. His methods of killing resemble closely the mythological stories about Vishnu and his ten Avatars. It is such a thrill to see the cops tracking down the killer in this movie. Prosenjit stands tall in this thriller.

Rating: 5.5

7) Kurban

ActorsAnkush HarzaPriyanka Sarkar

Director: Saibal Mukherjee

About the movie: Circumstances force a sensitive humanitarian poor man Kurban to become what he is not. As a result, the consequences begin to impact his loved ones.

Director and writer Saibal Chatterjee has explored a new dimension in the form of this movie. ‘Kurban’ should be watched by everyone not only for the craft but also for the its content which is very relevant at present.

Rating: 8

8) Bogla Mama Jug Jug Jiyo

ActorsKharaj MukherjeeRiddhi Sen, Aparajita Adhya, Kaushik Sen, Ditipriya Roy, Rajatava Dutta

Director: Dhrubo Banerjee

About the movie: ‘Bogla Mama Jug Jug Jiyo’ is based on a cartoon series by Rajkumar Maitra.

Boglacharan Bhattacharya alias Bogla Mama is a middle-aged comical person who leads a gang of youngsters. He is a theater-obsessed person also. His and the gangs’ chaotic activities are very entertaining.

Rating: 8.1

9) Ektu Sore Bosun

ActorsRitwick Chakraborty, Kharaj Mukherjee, Ishaa SahaRajatava Dutta, Paran Bandopadhyay, Paoli Dam, Payel Sarkar

DirectorKamaleshwar Mukherjee

About the movie: ‘Ektu Sore Bosun’ is based on the short story ‘Pasha Pashi’ by writer Balaichand Mukhopadhyay.

The story of this film is about Guddu, a young Sanskrit graduate, who comes from a villege named Begunbagicha to Kolkata in search of a job. Eventually, he becomes a hero due to a few acts of bravery which he did unintentionally. This movie will definitely make you laugh a lot.

Rating: 8.9

10) Chengiz

Actors: Jeet, Sushmita Chatterjee, Rohit Roy

Director: Rajesh Ganguly

About the movie: This movie is about a boy named Joydev and how he developed a criminal empire in 1990s Kolkata(at that time called Calcutta). Bengali star Jeet played the lead role extremely well. This action thriller movie got released in Hindi as well.

Rating: 7.9

11) Fatafati

Actors: Ritabhari Chakraborty, Abir Chatterjee, Swastika Dutta

Director: Aritra Mukherjee

About the movie: This movie is about an ordinary woman Phullora Bhaduri played by Ritabhari Chakraborty. Pullora is a small-town seamstress who goes on to become a plus-sized influencer named, Ms Fatafati. Directed by Aritra Mukherjee, this is one of the best Bengali movies of 2023.

Rating: 7.5

12) Byomkesh O Durgo Rohosyo

Key ActorsDeepak Adhikari (Dev), Rukmini Maitra, Rajatava Dutta, Ambarish Bhattacharya

Director: Birsa Dasgupta

About the movie: The story of this film revolves around Byomkesh who is a “truth seeker”(a detective). In this movie, we see the mysterious murder of a historian, Ishan Chandra Majumder. How Byomkesh along with Ajit try to demystify the real reason behind the series of deaths in the Majumdar family- is the core of the movie.

Rating: 6

13) Mayaa

ActorsTanushree Chakraborty, Koneenica Banerjee, Rahul Banerjee, Anindya Chatterjee, Sudipta Chakraborty

Director: Raajhorshe De

About the movie: The story of this movie revolves around the themes of greed, ambition, sin, and corruption. This movie is a fascinating crime thriller.

Rating: 8.8

14) Ghore Pherar Gaan

Actors: Ishaa Saha, Parambrata Chatterjee, Reshmi Sen, Chaitali Dasgupta

Director: Aritra Sen

About the movie: The story revolves around Tora who gets settled abroad after marrying Ribhu. She finds it hard to grapple with the high-society lifestyle thrust upon her by her mother-in-law, while she desperately tries to impress her husband, Ribhu. However, a chance encounter with a talented musician, Imran, turns her life around and the two are drawn to each other by their shared passion for music. The movie portrays the story of Tora in a very convincing manner.

Rating: 8.9

15) Kabuliwala

Actors: Mithun Chakraborty, Anumegha Kahali, Abir Chatterjee, Sohini Sarkar

Director: Sumon Ghosh


About the movie: The movie ‘Kabuliwala’ is the story of bonding between an Afghan man and a little Bengali girl. The story is based on Kolkata in the 1960s. This movie shows how love and affection can overcome every boundary. The acting of Mithun Chakraborty as an Afghan man is truly wonderful.

Rating: 8.9


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