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 Reboots and remakes have come common phenomena is Hollywood. In this process, movie-makers attempt to repeat the success of the original and try to infuse some fresh elements to the story. From The Crow to The Chronicles of Narnia – a lot of reboots are on the way, and these movies are set to ignite the memories of the timeless classic stories.

 Here, we are going to present the details of much anticipated reboots and remakes. 

Upcoming reboots and remakes:

The Wolf Man (1941)

Upcoming reboots and remakes

The Wolf Man(1941) is directed by George Waggner. The movie stars Lon Chaney Jr. in the title role. Warren William, Patric KnowlesBela Lugosi, and Evelyn Ankers star in supporting characters. In this movie, a man seeks to protect himself and his family from a dangerous werewolf at night during a full moon. The title character Wolf Man has a great influence on Hollywood’s depictions of the legend of the werewolf.

Wolf Man (2025)

Upcoming reboots and remakes

Wolf Man is an upcoming supernatural horror movie being directed by Leigh Whannell. The remade version stars Christopher Abbott, Sam Jaeger, Malitda Firth and Julia Garner in the key roles.

The movie is set to be released by Universal Pictures on January 17, 2025. It would be interesting to see how the classic story be retold, don’t you think?

Red Sonja (1885)

Upcoming reboots and remakes

Red Sonja(1985) is an epic sword and sorcery movie directed by Richard Fleischer. The movie is based on the character created by Robert E. Howard.

The movie introduces Brigitte Nielsen as the title character. This film has Sandahl BergmanPaul SmithRonald Lacey and Arnold Schwarzenegger in supporting roles.

Here, Red Sonja seeks justice against the criminals, navigating through a corrupt system that is as much a character as she is. 

Red Sonja (2024)

Upcoming reboots and remakes

Red Sonja is being directed by M. J. Bassett. Starring Matilda Lutz as the title character, the movie stars Wallis DayRobert SheehanMichael Bisping, Martyn Ford, Eliza Matengu, Rhona Mitra, and Veronica Ferres in key roles. In this movie, the story has been modified to a large extent in this movie. Here, enslaved by an evil tyrant who wishes to destroy her people, barbarian huntress Red Sonja must unite a group of unlikely warriors to face off against Dragan The Magnificent and his deadly bride, Dark Annisia.

This new ‘Red Sonja’ will be released sometime in the second half of 2024.

The Chronicles of Narnia (2005-10)

Upcoming reboots and remakes

In 2005, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobes impressed not just children but also the grown-ups. This movie spawned two sequel movies. The final movie The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader was released in 2010. Directed by Andrew Adamson and Michael Apted, The Chronicles of Narnia movie-series is considered as one of the best fantasy movie franchise.

The Chronicles of Narnia (coming soon)

Upcoming reboots and remakes

The reboot of Narnia is poised to take the audience to a new world of fantasy, introducing compelling characters. The highly anticipated reboot will be written and directed by Greta Gerwig. With her unique storytelling approach, she is set to infuse the reboot with fresh perspective while maintaining the core story written by C. S. Lewis. The new reboot will be released on Netflix, however the date of release is not declared yet.

The Crow (1994-05)

Upcoming reboots and remakes

The Crow(1994) is a superhero movie directed by Alex Proyas based on the 1989 comic book by James O’Barr. The movie stars Brandon Lee as Eric Draven, a musician who is resurrected from the dead to avenge his and his fiancée’s murders by a gang.

The success of the movie led to a franchise that includes three sequels. However, the sequels movies were unable to match the success of the first movie.

The Crow (2024 onwards)

Upcoming reboots and remakes

The upcoming reboot of superhero movie The Crow has generated a huge excitement among the fans of the original franchise. In this new movie, Bill Skarsgård is set to play the lead role. FKA Twigs and Danny Huston will also play key roles in this movie. Directed by Rupert Sanders, this movie will be released on June 7, 2024.

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