Upcoming Hollywood movies based on books| Books adaptations 2024

Upcoming movies based on books:

Novels are a great source of inspiration for new films and TV shows, and many production studios rely on these adaptations for future content.

  •  Many novels and stories will be adapted into feature films and TV shows in 2024, as production companies look to literature for inspiration and established fan bases.
  •  Netflix is a major player in this trend, adding new seasons to adapted series like Bridgerton and The Sandman, as well as producing new films like Spaceman.
  •  The adaptations cover a range of genres and themes, from mystery and fantasy to romance and biographical stories, appealing to a diverse audience

2024 will see a significant number of novels and stories adapted into feature films and TV shows across a range of platforms. Production companies often look to literature for inspiration to create new movies and shows with bestselling books having an established fan base and a fleshed-out story to adapt. With this method of adapting novels being tried and tested, it makes sense that many of the new releases coming out in 2024 will be following this process.

Netflix is one of the largest studios that frequently implements this method, purchasing film rights for popular books and then attaching a creative team to adapt them. In 2024 alone, they will add new seasons to several adapted series already in their libraries, such as Bridgerton season 3, and The Sandman season 2, while also adding new films like Spaceman. In addition, dozens of feature films are expected to be released in theatres having been adapted from original novels.

Books turning into movies

A sequel to another novel by Jane Harper, Force of Nature is the second entry in a series following agent Aaron Falk. Force of Nature: The Dry 2 comes to cinemas in February 2024. When a group of five women go hiking, only four return and Falk (Eric Bana) is called in to investigate what happened.

Colleen Hoover’s popular romance novel, It Ends With Us, is being adapted by director Justin Baldoni. Baldoni stars as Ryle, the love interest to Blake Lively’s Lily Bloom. As their romance takes shape, the two fall deeper in love, before Lily’s old flame reenters her life. The story deals with difficult issues around relationships and abuse but seeks to find the most healthy way of coping and moving forward.

Mickey17 is a science fiction story about a man who is employed to help make a frozen planet hospitable. In order to do so, Mickey Barnes faces certain death, but fortunately, he is repeatedly cloned with all of his previous memories, making him essentially immortal. The film adaptation starring Robert Pattinson as Mickey has a slightly different title, which suggests that the story may pick up several generations after the novelMickey 17’s plot is currently under wraps.

The Watchers is a story set in rural West Coast Ireland as a supernatural horror. The film adaptation comes from Ishana Shyamalan, daughter of the legendary thriller director M. Night Shyamalan. The film will star Dakota Fanning alongside a small group of people who are trapped inside a bunker while mysterious creatures come to claim the victims who didn’t reach cover in time.

Liam Neeson and Joe Keery star in this adaptation of the thriller novel Cold Storage. The story examines what happens when a dangerous fungus is released into the world and wreaks havoc. David Koepp has long worked as a screenwriter in Hollywood on major films, from Jurassic Park to Spider-ManCold Storage is Koepp’s debut novel and was published in 2019 before being adapted into a film.

Based on the true story of the Magnificent Seven, an Olympic gymnast group that competed and won in 1996. The biographical novel is being adapted into a film titled Perfect by director Olivia Wilde. Starring Thomasin McKenzie as Kerri Strug, and Mckenna Grace as her teammate Dominique Moceanu.

Another biographical adaptation, The Legacy of Mark Rothko, is being adapted into a film about the widely praised American painter. Russell Crowe will play Rothko, while the story follows the legal battle that his daughter, Kate (Aisling Franciosi) must enter into to honor his legacy. Aaron Taylor-Johnson also joins the cast in an undisclosed role.

Wicked is a series of novels by Gregory Maguire that reimagined Frank L. Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. In 2003, it was adapted into a musical and has since been performed around the world with continuous performances on Broadway and the West End. Now the story is being developed into a two-part film with the first part released in November 2024.

The Sympathizer is a Pulitzer Prize-winning debut novel by Viet Thanh Nguyen. The story contains several themes and follows a North Vietnamese mole who is inserted into the South Vietnamese army before being sent to the United States. The series, which is being produced for HBO Max, is due to arrive on the platform for streaming in 2024. Starring as the central protagonist is Hoa Xuande, and he will be joined by Robert Downey Jr. in various roles.

John Green is famous for writing coming-of-age YA novels that explore early adulthood and mental health issues. Turtles All The Way Down follows Aza Holmes, a young woman with OCD and anxiety. The film will star Isabella Merced and be released for streaming on HBO Max

Another Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Trust is a metafictional book about a financier and his wife. The book is being adapted into a limited series for HBO Max starring Kate Winslet. Details about the project are extremely limited, but it is expected to arrive on HBO Max in 2024

The Shrinking of Treehorn is a 1971 children’s book. The story rather aptly follows a young boy named Treehorn as he begins to shrink, and as this happens, it goes largely unnoticed by his parents. The film will be directed by Rob Howard, and adapted by Rob Lieber. It is set to appear on Netflix in 2024.

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